What Our Clients Say About Us

“We had a very positive experience working with Atomicus on analytical software development. The Atomicus team readily absorbs and generates innovative ideas for both the analytical and physical parts of the project, and for UI/UX interfaces to improve the quality and usability of software. The Atomicus physicists demonstrated deep understanding of the physics of mass spectrometers, whereas the programmers secured high-quality implementation of the project on time and on budget and promptly responded to all requests from our R&D team.”

Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH(Bremen, Germany)

“I am an experienced X-ray professional, and it is clear that within a relatively short time LEPTOS* has become the premier software platform for thin film solutions. The program's ability to handle a variety of scattering geometries is directly in accord with the current X-ray practice of using several experimental approaches (rather than a single one) in order to solve a structural problem.”

Albany Nanotech (USA)

“I was impressed with the capabilities of the software developed by the team. I have been running different specialized softwares; however, LEPTOS* seems to be a superior product since it has a more robust algorithm. In summary, I found that LEPTOS is very far ahead of the competitors' products.”

University of Illinois (USA)

*LEPTOS is a long-term software project that Bruker AXS and Atomicus have collaborated on.

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